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The player on the beach is Johan...
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What is Golf Statistics ?

  • A software to keep track of all your scores as well as your tournaments and competitions.
  • The result is static web pages which you can share with your friends
  • An example of what you can produce with GolfStat is published at the Classic Golf Tour site, you find more examples under the links page

Main concept of GolfStat

I define an Event as an 18-hole event and a Tour as a combination of Events. When you defined your Events you can easy produce a web-site for your Golf Statistics.

The interface is as simple as possible with a couple of dialogs to enter the information divided in:

  • Players: Enter the players which will be entered statistics for.
  • Courses: Enter the courses you play.
  • Events: Define your events.
  • Tours: Define your Tours.
  • Rounds: Enter the score cards here. It's fast and simple.

Download and try it out

Get your own copy to try out. With the program there is some Demo-Data files which should produce Web-Pages close to the look of the Tema Men Open V site.

Best of luck with your tournaments...